Sharon Baptist Church

Welcome to First Church!

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The historic Sharon Baptist Church of Baltimore, MD is truly the church that cares about you.  We welcome you to join us in worship, study, service, and fellowship.  All are welcome in our Father's house!

Web-Empowered Church (WEC) Starter Package

Congratulations! The WEC Starter Package is installed and you are ready to get started in internet ministry. This package provides you with a full-featured Christian ministry website that you can customize for your unique ministry needs.

Throughout this initial installation, you will see instructions (like you are reading now) and filler text. The purpose of this content is to allow you to see how your website might look and to provide some initial instructions. This initial content and any unneeded pages should be removed, changed, or hidden before your website goes live.

Before you begin working on your website, we strongly encourage you to visit the WEC Support Page. This page contains links to pages that will help you learn how to modify and enhance your new website as well as other valuable resources to help you in your web ministry.


Coming Soon at First Church 

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